ART School

Art School for Digital Artists is like your typical art school college

curriculum, but with better classes and at a fraction of the cost.

The 10 “terms” will focus on digital arts in general, giving you the best artistic base you would expect from top colleges around the world, but without the fluff and in a practical digital format.

You will learn all the esential skills needed to get ahead in the crowded digital art industry with a curriculum packed with content you actually need and none of which you don’t.

Released so far:


🎨 TERM 1 (8h46 hours)

  • Nude Figure Drawing
  • Perspective 1
  • Photoshop for Digital Prod 1
  • Visual Communication 1

🎨 TERM 2 (9h19 hours)

  • Visual Communication 2
  • Photoshop for Digital Prod 2
  • Perspective 2
  • Anatomy 1

🎨 TERM 3 (11h35 total)

  • ZBrush for Digital Prod
  • Clothed Figure Drawing
  • Anatomy 2

Recommended Tool For This Tutorial…

Photoshop CC

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  1. Alena Díaz

    What If I`m just interested in paying the artschool program¿ Do I still have to pay for the whole membership¿ if I pay for the membership do I have to pay again for the artschool program¿

    • Brushboost

      Hi Alena! Thanks for your interest! The membership on Brushboost always includes the entire library of content. If you’d rather purchase individual courses instead you can take a look at my online store here

  2. Lunar Astronaut

    I’m interested in a pro membership, when will you be releasing term 3 for Art School on here and are the assignments available?

    • Brushboost

      Hello! Term 3 was just released and the assignments for it will follow this weekend 🙂

  3. lunar_astronaut

    Subscribed, thanks! 🙂

  4. moritz.cremer

    love this so far. There are everytime small things that I overlooked when learning on my own, that just blow my mind now. like the “S” point in the perspective class.
    but in my opinion marc is eating way too much pizza, because everything in the anatomy class is a pizza slice 😀

  5. tele-gib

    Are there assignments for term 2 and 3? i have downloaded the tutorial extras but is has just the assignments of term 1… and by the way, I Like this course, visual communication is blowing my mind.

    • Brushboost

      Yep! I’m wrapping up the assignment sheets for Term 3, everything should be uploaded by this weekend! Sorry for the wait!


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Marc Brunet

Marc Brunet

Senior 3D/2D Artist

Recently retired from a long career @ Blizzard Entertainment and now focused on serving the art community with platforms such as and while continuously pumping out tutorials for artists of all levels.

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