ULTIMATE Career Guide: 3D Artist

Ever wanted to work as a 3D Artist? Read on…

With this tutorial, your instructor Marc Brunet takes his last 10 years in the video game industry as a Senior 3D Artist and summarizes it as best as possible, giving away all the knowledge he’s acquired in this massive 45 hour course!

You won’t find more value for the price anywhere else online, that’s for damn sure.


Autodesk Maya

Marmoset Toolbag

Substance Painter

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Marc Brunet

Marc Brunet

2D/3D Artist

Recently retired from a long career @ Blizzard Entertainment, Marc is now focused on serving the art community with platforms such as Cubebrush.co and Brushboost.com while continuously pumping out tutorials for artists of all levels.


What’s included so far (37+ hours):

Chapter 1

  • What, Why, How (28min)

Chapter 2

  • Techniques Overview (Software, Hand-painted + PBR real-time pipeline demo) (2h06min)

Chapter 3

  • 3D industry (1h24min)

Chapter 4 – Hand-painted character

  • Sculpting a base character (2h32min)
  • Detailing the character (1h44min)
  • Topology (3h37min)
  • UVs (1h29min)
  • Baking/Textures (3D Coat) (2h49min)

Chapter 5 – Creating a PBR character

  • Sculpting the armor (7h20min)
  • Topology (3h57min)
  • UVs (2h23min)
  • Baking (Substance) (1h13min)
  • Textures (Substance) (6h22min)

Chapter 6

  • Alternative colors, rigging/posing in ZBrush, shader/scene setup in Marmoset (3h40min)

Chapter 7

  • Getting a job (Exposure, Applying, Interview Tips) (1h10min)

Bonus content

  • Low poly base model
  • Low poly PBR model
  • High poly sculpts for both
  • Marmoset viewer files
  • Texture maps
  • Topology cheat sheets

Coming soon:

Chapter 8 (Bonus)

  • Side/Passive income

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